About Us

  • Our History: We Are Youngstown was founded as a Twitter account to promote Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley in March 2014. Launched by a 2008 graduate of Ursuline High School / 2012 graduate of Youngstown State University, the account has worked to highlight economic development projects across the Mahoning Valley, the growth of Downtown Youngstown and Youngstown State, as well to promote positive news stories taking place across our community. We Are Youngstown became an LLC in August 2016.
  • Our Mission: To provide quality, comfortable t-shirts that allow our customers to showcase their pride in Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.
  • Our Vision: For far too long, Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley have been portrayed in a negative light across the state, the region, and the country by numerous media outlets. Without question, this community has seen its struggles over the past four decades with the fall of the steel industry, political corruption, etc. However, for many millennials that have grown up witnessing a rebirth of sorts in our community, we have a different mindset of our hometown. It is our belief that we can change that doom and gloom narrative to a much more positive one. We Are Youngstown is hopeful that you will wear your shirt with pride across our community. Be proud of where you came from. Be proud of Youngstown!